Industry Certified Hair Artist - Shawna Enright

Hey Everyone!
My name is Shawna Enright...

…the hands behind all of these glorious locks of hair. I am an independent stylist and color educator, born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you’ve been in my chair before, you can testify not only to my predominant midwestern accent, but also my honest opinion and advice. I am extremely independent, super sarcastic and straight forward. Don’t take it personal, I’m a Leo. Friends and family may say I reveal “TMI”, but I feel that there’s no shame in hiding anything because it helps me relate to my clients. I believe that relatability is one of my best assets behind the chair. This personality of mine has allowed me to form the best relationships with my clients. Some have even become family.

When not behind the chair, I love seeing the world. Funny fact: I actually hate airplanes. Greece, Vancouver, the Amalfi Coast, and Alaska are hands down the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Don’t let me fool you though, I spend at least two weeks a year sitting on my butt on a beach with a drink in my hand. Speaking of a good drink, I can often be found substituting my scissors for wine…but I do prefer an old fashioned on a Friday night.

My journey with hair started as a young child in my aunt’s salon. I would spend my Saturday mornings combing out her favorite roller set clients, collecting a quarter from each of them for my time. It was from watching my aunt that I realized something- you never work a day in your life if you love what you do. That was the life I wanted for myself and I have worked relentlessly towards that goal for the past eight years. From cutting and coloring hair in my kitchen in high school to working in different salons, I’ve accomplished things that I would have only dreamed of (which makes me teary eyed thinking about). Through corporate trainings in big cities like Vancouver and Los Angeles, long educational seminars, and attending classes around the state, I’ve learned how to give clients the results that they dream about as well as the confidence they deserve. Most importantly, I have started a new niche – hand tied extensions. I also now specialize in Natural Beaded Rows and SKW Extensions.

This journey has given me the opportunity to mentor stylists and present my knowledge to new and experienced stylists around the state. I am currently continuing to feed my dream of owning my own thriving establishment and becoming a Colour Educator for J Beverly Hills. I am forever grateful for the experiences that my career has given me; from traveling the world, to meeting awesome people and living the best life with those around me. Because of my clients I can finally say I don’t work a day in my life, because I love what I do. I can’t wait to connect with you on the other side and build a community of trust with not just your hair, but also your heart.