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Common Color Questions

If I like certain photos on other Instagram pages can I bring them in for inspiration?

Yes! However, every stylist is different. Some hairstylists take 3-4 different sessions to get a final end result. Keep in mind that these inspiration pictures usually can not be replicated in a 2-hour session. Have some patience and trust your stylist!

What color line do you use and why? 

We use Oligo hair color and Oligo gloss, a Canadian hair color company. Their hair color is designed using innovative exothermic technology that was formulated to penetrate deep all while minimizing damage. Oligo has sculpted its brand around offering products that minimize their environmental impact. First and foremost, Oligo is cruelty-free. They never test on animals and will never allow animal testing in their processes. Knowing that the beauty industry poses a threat to animals, they have decided to reject this business practice entirely. Oligo also shies away from dangerous chemicals. Their color lines are free of PPD and ammonia. In fact, their Oligo-Calura line is even vegan!

What does it mean to be a blonde specialist?

Luckily I’ve taken many classes on blonding. I also do this service daily and would say I’m known for my blondes. A lot of my blondes have brightness without being damaged and dry. 

Should I come into my appointment with dirty hair?

No- this is an old myth. You should come with clean dry hair. No more than a day old hair with very little product in it. The reason is that hair color isn’t made like it used to be. It takes a lot longer for our lighteners to cut through product buildup or our color to cover up your grey outgrowth with sebum buildup. This leads to inconsistent color services. In turn, this makes your desired inspiration harder to reach.

How long should I wait to wash my hair after a color application?

48 hours. The reasoning being is that it allows the pH of your hair to close your hair cuticle and lock the color into the hair shaft.