General Questions

What's the best place to reach me?

Please send an inquiry through the website that will reach my email. Please do not leave voicemails as I am usually behind the chair all business hours. Allow for a 48+ response time for all inquiries.

Do you offer refunds on products?

If you buy a product in the salon and find that you either don’t like it or the product has a malfunction, we will do a swap for a comparable product price-wise on the shelf if it is within the same week of purchase. 

What if I don't like my end hair results?

If there is something about your hair that you aren’t liking or needs fixing, we will offer to do so if it is reported within the same week as your first appointment. If it is something you notice more than 2 weeks out, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but take notes for the next appointment time because of the outgrowth of natural hair. Please be mindful that hair color goals also need to have realistic expectations. This means that you usually should expect 3 appointment times to achieve a given look with the same hairstylist and color line used. 

Salon Policies

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a credit card on file for all clients and all appointments made. This ensures a respected time frame for cancellations in my schedule, giving me the time to offer the appointment to another guest on my waitlist.

You can change your appointments up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled time and no fees or charges will be made. If you cancel after the 48-hour window, your card will be charged for 30% of the scheduled service. A 50% fee will be charged for cancellations made within 24 hours prior to your appointment. No-call, no-show appointments will be charged for 100% of the service. Any time after will be subject to a 50-100% cancellation charge or invoice sent to the customer's email. Continued cancellations will be subject to removal from my schedule if this payment or invoice is not paid.

The cancellation policy will be enforced and is a way for me to create a stress-free schedule for all clients. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding!

Extension Care & Questions

All individual extension questions and inquiries require an application followed by a consult. Everyone has to go through this process. If you qualify as a good candidate for extensions, all questions will be answered during the scheduled consult time! 

Should I come in to the appointment with clean or dirty hair?

Please arrive at your color appointment with clean, dry hair. 3-5 day-old hair makes the coloring process harder to work with because the color can not process consistently through days worth of oils, root powder spray, or dry shampoo. If you arrive with dirty hair, we can not guarantee your results. 

what length do you need for extensions?

At least collar bone for sewn in extensions. K-tips can be more customizable. Hair toppers you just need hair to attach the topper to at the top of the head.

How is pricing determined for extensions? 

After a consult, we go through pricing based off of where you are at now to where your goal is. This all is determined off of the color we do on your hair, the coloring of the extension hair, the actual real remy hair, the install, the amount of wefts needed for the install, and the length of the hair we order. 

Is there a payment required before getting extensions? 

Yes there is a retainer that is nonrefundable before booking. This will be determined at your consult with the install quote. 

how long does the hair last?

Typically 4-7 months. If you follow the right protocol for how to take care of your extensions the longevity is extended. The hair toppers and halos have different protocol. 

what is the maintenance like for extensions? 

Each service maintenance is different, hidden beaded extensions is 7-10 weeks, toppers require mini services every 3 weeks and move ups every 6 weeks, K-tip is 5-8 weeks depending on the install, and halos can be taken in and out as needed.

what do I do if I want extensions but have hard water?

Shower head filters are 100% suggested. Also, Goldie locks clarifying shampoo helps with this too. 

Can you swim or work out with extensions? 

Yes - with extreme care done with them. If you are an avid swimmer I would suggest using only a halo. Sunscreen turns extensions peach so there is a specific kind to wear when you are outside or on vacation. You can work out with extensions but you want to make sure that you dry the sweat out of your hair so that it doesn’t turn the hair orange. This also is something we can chat about too during your install or your consult. 

I have curly hair. Can I still get extensions?

Absolutely! We carry Kalon Hair Extensions that come in 2 textures to match your natural hair to your extension hair. You always want to mimic your natural hair texture because you want to treat it the same and if the hair gets wet, it will look the most natural. 

I want extensions for fullness but I feel that I’m too old. 

Wrong - 80% of my extension clientele is women in there 40-50s. They need more fullness and don’t necessarily want hair that is past their breasts. Not a problem. This is way more common than you think and I promise you, you’re not alone. Gain the confidence + own it! 

can I use olaplex with my extensions? 

No! Olaplex actually ruins extension hair. Extensions only need hydration not protein. It is built into our contract that you can not use this product. 

What products can I use with my extensions? 

Anything paraben, sulfate, protein free. Anything that is recommended and sold by a PROFESSIONAL. Amazon and target is not a professional. Nordstrom is not a professional. 

We sell Goldie Locks, R & CO, and Iles Formula in our salon. They are all amazing products for hair extensions. You can find a lot of these on our shop link if you would like to order anything from us.

Grab my Extension Care Guide Here

Color Service Questions & Care

If I like certain photos on other Instagram pages can I bring them in for inspiration?

Yes! However, every stylist is different. Some hairstylists take 3-4 different sessions to get a final end result. Keep in mind that these inspiration pictures usually can not be replicated in a 2-hour session. Have some patience and trust your stylist!

What color line do you use and why? 

We use Oligo hair color and Oligo gloss, a Canadian hair color company. Their hair color is designed using innovative exothermic technology that was formulated to penetrate deep all while minimizing damage. Oligo has sculpted its brand around offering products that minimize their environmental impact. First and foremost, Oligo is cruelty-free. They never test on animals and will never allow animal testing in their processes. Knowing that the beauty industry poses a threat to animals, they have decided to reject this business practice entirely. Oligo also shies away from dangerous chemicals. Their color lines are free of PPD and ammonia. In fact, their Oligo-Calura line is even vegan!

What does it mean to be a blonde specialist?

Luckily I’ve taken many classes on blonding. I also do this service daily and would say I’m known for my blondes. A lot of my blondes have brightness without being damaged and dry. 

Should I come into my appointment with dirty hair?

No- this is an old myth. You should come with clean dry hair. No more than a day old hair with very little product in it. The reason is that hair color isn’t made like it used to be. It takes a lot longer for our lighteners to cut through product buildup or our color to cover up your grey outgrowth with sebum buildup. This leads to inconsistent color services. In turn, this makes your desired inspiration harder to reach.

How long should I wait to wash my hair after a color application?

48 hours. The reasoning being is that it allows the pH of your hair to close your hair cuticle and lock the color into the hair shaft.