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Temporary or Permanent Hair Extensions Custom To You

Extensions are not one-size-fits-all. This is why I offer a variety of options for my clients. You can choose between temporary or permanent options such as hair toppers and halo hair pieces to hidden beaded sewn-in extensions or k-tip extensions.

Any extension application aims to help your natural hair grow healthy and full so you can take them out or put them back in as you desire.

For Any Lifestyle

Problem Areas

For Zero Commitment

For Hair Loss
or Thinning

For Hair Loss or Thinning

For Problem Areas

For Any Lifestyle

Hidden Beaded extensions are very versatile and allows for just about any lifestyle. You do need collar bone length or longer to allow them to blend. Move-up maintenance for these is every 6-9 weeks. 

hidden beaded extensions

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For Problem Areas

K-tip hair extensions allow for 360• movement. They add length and thickness to the hair while blending seamlessly. They are the perfect option for someone who has a problem area but doesn’t want a full head of extensions or a full install.


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For Zero Commitment

A halo hairpiece is a temporary option to put in and out whenever you please. It is attached to the head by a string and adjusted to fit you. This is the best option for those who don’t want the commitment of extensions, or someone getting married or has events for which this is needed but want a temporary solution.

The Halo

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For Hair Loss or Thinning

A permanent hair topper is an amazing option for someone who has hair loss on the top of their head or if they are very fine. It attaches to the sides of the head with polymer bonds that are heated up. They are breathable and look very realistic as your natural hair is actually pulled through the hair topper. Maintenance on this is every 3 weeks for a mini service to tighten it and every 6 weeks for removal and reinstall.

Hair Topper

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Shawna always makes me feel like a million bucks when I leave her salon. Anything from basis cuts and colors, to “let’s do something fun.” She’s always pulled through! Also love her products she carries. The drive and passion she has for what she does truly shines!


Three years ago, I was looking to get extensions for my wedding. After a ton of research, I reached out to Shawna. I now have hair I always dreamed of! Shawna is super personable, and always is going above and beyond. She is very knowledgeable and will always be honest with you. She has continued to make my hair dreams come true and I will always be so thankful for her!! You will walk into her salon and everyone makes you feel like family!


I have been lucky to be a client of Shawna’s for almost 2 years now with my extensions. I say lucky because she is extremely talented in what she does. She is always there to answer my questions whether it be about the right product to use or how to care for my hair. I appreciate that she continues her education and keeping current on things. Not only does she have mad skills, she has the kindest heart and truly cares about you as a person and client.


A few things about my favorite Kalon extensions

  • Natural looking extensions that lay naturally
  • Hair is custom colored to match your hair for a seamless blend
  • For all hair types and textures
  • Less damage than traditional extension methods because of beadless and seamless
  • Extensions can be worn up in a high pony tail without being seen
  • Brand was developed with a medical emphasis
  • Built in with a track that does not lay directly on the scalp
  • No tape or glue involved

The Kalon Extension Brand

We carry two different types of wefts, hidden beaded and influential wefts. We also offer the hair to come in 2 textures, straight or beach waved. I offer a variety of colors in the form of a halo hairpiece, meaning it is a temporary hair extension option. We only sell to licensed professionals around the world.

One of the biggest reasons I was so passionate about this project was because the story behind “hair” is super intriguing. I was always so sick of not being able to trust the brands that went into my head or my clients. Hair, like anything else in the beauty industry, isn’t regulated by anything. Therefore, you can say it is “ethical” from China, and no law protects the truth behind it. 

Kalon Hair Extensions is a brand of hair in 25 colors from India that is ethically sourced. 

What makes these extensions different than other brands?

The Hinduism religion makes up the majority of India’s population. Within this religion, you voluntarily sacrifice your hair to the gods. The act of shaving their hair is their sacrifice. Because of this, the hair is ethical meaning the person voluntarily gave up their hair.

India is one of the only countries protected by an agriculture law. What does this mean for you? Before the hair leaves the country, it is inspected thoroughly + under a microscope for knits and other defects before being sold to a broker. Any hair that has a defect can not legally leave the country. You will not find any scrap hair or low-quality hair in this brand because of this important step.

80% or more of the hair is the exact length that you ordered it. Surprisingly, most hair brands only guarantee a 20%+ hair ratio, which is why you’ll have to order more to get a full result for your client. In this case, knowledge is key.

Our hair is made with natural dye pigments from Morocco. Our dyes do not fade. Some brands use semi and demi-colors on their extensions. If your extension lowlights turn orange or fade, this is probably why. Side note - hard water, wrong products, sweat, and environmental changes can all make extensions change colors too.

Anyone can order these extensions as long as you submit a valid Cosmetology license. You can sign up for an account online, and once you are verified, you can shop away!

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Common Questions

what length do you need for extensions?

At least collar bone for sewn in extensions. K-tips can be more customizable. Hair toppers you just need hair to attach the topper to at the top of the head.

How is pricing determined for extensions? 

After a consult, we go through pricing based off of where you are at now to where your goal is. This all is determined off of the color we do on your hair, the coloring of the extension hair, the actual real remy hair, the install, the amount of wefts needed for the install, and the length of the hair we order. 

Is there a payment required before getting extensions? 

Yes there is a retainer that is nonrefundable before booking. This will be determined at your consult with the install quote. 

how long does the hair last?

Typically 4-7 months. If you follow the right protocol for how to take care of your extensions the longevity is extended. The hair toppers and halos have different protocol. 

what is the maintenance like for extensions? 

Each service maintenance is different, hidden beaded extensions is 7-10 weeks, toppers require mini services every 3 weeks and move ups every 6 weeks, K-tip is 5-8 weeks depending on the install, and halos can be taken in and out as needed.

Can you swim or work out with extensions? 

Yes - with extreme care done with them. If you are an avid swimmer I would suggest using only a halo. Sunscreen turns extensions peach so there is a specific kind to wear when you are outside or on vacation.

what do I do if I want extensions but have hard water?

Shower head filters are 100% suggested. Also, Goldie locks clarifying shampoo helps with this too. 

I have curly hair. Can I still get extensions?

Absolutely! We carry Kalon Hair Extensions that come in 2 textures to match your natural hair to your extension hair. You always want to mimic your natural hair texture because you want to treat it the same and if the hair gets wet, it will look the most natural. 

I want extensions for fullness but I feel that I’m too old. 

Wrong - 80% of my extension clientele is women in there 40-50s. They need more fullness and don’t necessarily want hair that is past their breasts. Not a problem. This is way more common than you think and I promise you, you’re not alone. Gain the confidence + own it! 

can I use olaplex with my extensions? 

No! Olaplex actually ruins extension hair. Extensions only need hydration not protein. It is built into our contract that you can not use this product. 

You can work out with extensions but you want to make sure that you dry the sweat out of your hair so that it doesn’t turn the hair orange. This also is something we can chat about too during your install or your consult. 

What products can I use with my extensions? 

Anything paraben, sulfate, protein free. Anything that is recommended and sold by a PROFESSIONAL. Amazon and target is not a professional. Nordstrom is not a professional. 

We sell Goldie Locks, R & CO, and Iles Formula in our salon. They are all amazing products for hair extensions. You can find a lot of these on our shop link if you would like to order anything from us.

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